C-IFAK (Canine - Individual First Aid Kit)


C-IFAK (Canine - Individual First Aid Kit)


The C-IFAK is designed for the canine owner/operator on scene trauma, in either the working dog realm or the civilian realm. The C-IFAK is essential to save your dog's life on the way to a medical institution. Not only is it for a canine, but also can be used for on-scene care for a human. Carry it on your person or store it in a glove compartment in your car in case of emergencies.

Contents are vacuum sealed and placed inside CONDURA case.

  • C-IFAK Contents:

  • 2 HALO Chest Seals

  • 1 roll 2"x10 yrd 3M tape

  • 1 roll 4 1/2" x 4 1/8" yrds kerlix

  • 1 roll 3" x 5 yrds Elastic Bandage

  • 1 14g x 2" I.V. Catheter

  • 1 Strip of 3" x 9" Pertolatum Guaze

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