Your first training class will be held 1:1 with you (the handler), pup, and Tyler. We will discuss your dog’s background, training goals, and cover the general Falco K9 training method. We will then move onto learning the “let’s go” and “heel” commands in order to begin proper on-leash walking.

Your dog can start training as early as 12 weeks of age. Be sure to bring a prong collar, 6ft leash and your pup’s favorite training treats. Dogs must remain in private sessions until they have received all necessary vaccinations, and then can move on to group sessions.

Private at-home sessions are available for an additional travel cost (Boston $100, outside of Boston $120). Contact Tyler directly to coordinate scheduling at-home sessions.


2nd CLASS | $60

After you’ve completed your first Falco K9 class (the private session), you may sign up for the second class. This is a group class (maximum of 5 dogs) where we will cover the (advanced) heel, down and stay commands.


3rd class | $60

After completing the second class, you may sign up for the third class. This is a group class (maximum of 5 dogs) where we will begin to work recall (come), end of leash & sit commands and other advanced heeling techniques.



Once your dog has mastered the commands covered in the first 3 classes, your dog may begin attending the Intermediate/Advanced Group Training. This is a group class (maximum of 10) where we will work on proofing all commands by training through distractions and practicing a variety of advanced problem solving techniques.


Bite work begins with the foundation to everything - Obedience. If you’re interested in Protection Training for your dog, go ahead and schedule a “First Class" (Private Session). From there, Tyler will do a standard intake to learn about you, your dog, goals and begin planning a training program custom to your needs.

Currently, Group Protection Classes are invitation only.


DAY (7am - 5pm) | $75

OVERNIGHT (7am - 7am) | $140


DAY HIKE for your pup | $35

Exercise is a necessity for maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being in your dog. Falco K9 offers daily hikes for past and present training clients. Your dog will be picked up at home by a Falco K9 team member, and driven to the Middlesex Fells Reservation for a 60 minute hiking adventure. Each trip is with a maximum of 3 dogs.

Round-trip adventure: 90 min (30 min travel time, & 60 minutes on the trails.)


TRAINED Working dogs available

Owner/trainer Tyler Falconer lives with each dog and provides the dog with protection training, as well as the necessary family environment and socialization to ensure that the K9 will have a smooth transition to your home, family and lifestyle. To learn more, visit Falco K9 Working Dogs.


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