YOU, ME + PUP - Sessions

Individual session | 45-60 min | $80 

Takes place at a designated Falco K9 training location. Session held indoors or outside depending on weather conditions.

Individual in-home session | 45-60 min | $100

+ Plus additional cost of travel if outside of Boston

Group session | 45-60 min | $40 | Package 5 classes / $175  

Session held indoors or outside depending on weather conditions.



Overnight board & train | 7am - 7am | $140

Daytime board & train | 7am - 5pm | $75

Daily Hikes for your pup

Exercise is a necessity for maintaining optimal physical and mental well-being in your dog. Falco K9 offers daily hikes for past and present training clients. Your dog will be picked up at home by a Falco K9 team member, and driven to the Middlesex Fells Reservation for a 60 minute hiking adventure. Each trip is with a maximum of 3 dogs.

Round-trip adventure: 90 min (30 min travel time, & 60 minutes on the trails.) | $35/day


TRAINED Working dogs available

Owner/trainer Tyler Falconer lives with each dog and provides the dog with protection training, as well as the necessary family environment and socialization to ensure that the K9 will have a smooth transition to your home, family and lifestyle. To learn more, visit Falco K9 Working Dogs.


What clients are saying

Check out Falco K9's client testimonials to learn more on what sets Falco K9 apart as a leading dog training program. For additional testimonials, visit our Facebook page.