Let's start from the beginning.


I want my dog to be obedient. How long does this take?

Your dog’s training progress relies solely on you. As an owner, you must do your homework and practice the commands that have been covered during our training sessions. Just like most things in life, you only get out what you put in and the same goes for obedience training.


How does the training process work?

Depending on the goal of you, the pet owner, the process will be a little bit different. The first 3-4 sessions with Falco K9 will be one-on-one. During these initial sessions, all commands will be practiced on a 6ft leash and the dog will begin to gain a good grasp on understanding the “sit, down, stay, let’s go, heel and come” commands. After your dog learns all of these initial on-leash commands, he or she will be invited to the Falco K9 Obedience Class (which is a group class) to further advance his/her skills.


What should I bring to the first class?

Bring a 6ft leash, your dog’s favorite toy and also his/her favorite treats.


My dog won’t recall to me…why?

Your dog wont recall because he or she has not been formally taught the recall command. This command must be taught and learned on-leash first, and over time and practice, he or she will advance to recall off-leash.


Where are your training sessions located?

Location varies depending on weather conditions. Sessions are held at M Street Park and the Falco K9 training facility.

M Street Park, South Boston

Falco K9 Training Facility

6 Wadleigh Place, South Boston


Can you do in-home sessions?

Yes! Travel rates and in-home session pricing applies.