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Training with Tyler was the best thing I’ve ever done for both me and my husky Tito. As a first time dog owner, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but working with Tyler changed that completely. We started training when Tito was about a year old and wouldn’t stop biting me, among many other things. Tyler quickly taught me how to correct this behavior as well as what I should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure it doesn’t continue. He also taught both of us all of the basics that we were previously lacking, and then some. I’m incredibly impressed with the dog Tito has become thanks to Tyler’s training, knowledge and guidance. I very highly recommend him and his program and can’t thank him enough for breaking Tito of his bad habits and turning him into a well trained, obedient dog.
— Alexandra Melignano, South Boston MA
My puppy and I have been working with Tyler on obedience training since mid-February 2018 when my Goldendoodle was about 12 weeks old. Since our initial, private class through our current group training sessions, Tyler gives me guidance and confidence as a first-time puppy owner. I trust Tyler’s approach and have enjoyed seeing my puppy (and me!) develop under his care. Tyler is kind, patient, calm, experienced and incredibly knowledgeable, and wants nothing but the best for me and my puppy. My puppy and I love Tyler and training with him. I highly recommend his services.
— Maura Sullivan, South Boston MA
I’ve owned and worked protection dogs for 30 years and I am currently working with my dog Bubbles. She is the same breed (APBT) I have always had and from the same breeder I have always used. The only difference this time is that I am working with Tyler from Falco K-9 and I’ve gotten the best results I have ever gotten. If I had to give him a grade it would be an A+.
— Steve Baccari, Medford MA
I have a 6 month old Belgian Malinois puppy and have been training with Falco K9 for 2 months now. I can not be happier with the results.

I have been working with Tyler for both obedience training and protection work. In just a few weeks he has my puppy walking politely on the leash, obeying all the standard commands, and being a great house pet for my family.

The protection work is second to none and I have no doubt, with Tyler’s help, that she will be a great home protection dog.
I highly recommend Falco K9.
— Nick Redmond, Dorchester MA
Today was my first day with Tyler, and my newly adopted fur baby. I know it can be hard to really see a change so quickly sometimes, but even after just one session the improvement I have seen in Coco is incredible. I can’t wait to continue with this training!!
— Danielle Jefferson, Lakeville MA
Let me just start by saying not only is Tyler one of the most knowledgeable, patient, professional dog trainers I’ve worked with, but he has also become a dear friend. I have a 2 and a half-year-old pitbull named Budders. I am also extremely proud to say that Budders was Tyler‘s first official client. I manage a retail and dog wash store in South Boston, so I come across a lot of local trainers. That being said, Tyler has an extraordinary gift in his abilities of understanding dog behavior and his experience surpasses any other that I am aware of in the canine community. He has transcended Budders from an anxious, dog aggressive, stubborn dog to a content & happy dog. I highly recommend him and I guarantee he will exceed all your expectations.
— Jackie Roper, Dorchester MA
I’m writing this review because I believe, Tyler, at Falco K9 has taught me how to teach my dog properly. My dog protects my family and my property and knows the difference between friend or foe. Tyler’s group obedience training is unlike any other and I have been to a couple. The one on one protection training is exactly the brain and physical work my dog needs to be, to me a well rounded pet. Thank you.
— Gene Frechette, South Boston MA
We reached out to Tyler when we adopted our adult rescue pup Ella who was new to our family and being treated for heartworm. Tyler took her condition into consideration and went at her pace, starting with low key indoor training and eventually working up to outdoor training sessions with his own pups. In just 5 classes we saw an enormous transformation in Ella. She now knows her commands, she is confident, and she walks beautifully on leash. Thank you Tyler!
— Sandra Talanian, Marthas Vineyard
I reached out to Falco K9 for help in training my (very alpha) rescue puppy Gal. Although I knew Gal was incredibly intelligent, social and loving, I was having difficulty training Gal to respect and listen to me as her superior. We began with on-leash training and quickly progressed to off-leash practice within 4 private training sessions. It has been amazing to see Gal transform from a puppy who pulls on her leash, refuses to go in her crate and is constantly biting our hands/feet, to a very obedient girl. Thanks to Tyler, Gal is more relaxed and comfortable at home and in public (family and friends have all noticed her improved behavior) and I look forward to continuing her off-leash recall work. Working with Tyler has been a lot of fun, and a great investment for my pup and I!
— Lindsay Burke, South Boston MA
Tyler is a fantastic decoy and a great guy. Highly recommended.
— David Rackliffe, Weld, ME

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